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DFSK Glory: not the last we've seen of the Chinese!

DFSK is one of the Chinese brands that OneAutomotive, an Antwerp family business that has specialized in car distribution for 45 years, has been importing into Belgium since November last year. The Glory, the first model we get to discover...

New electric car brand in Belgium: Seres

Seres, a new electric car brand with American roots, has arrived in Europe (Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and Belgium). The first model, Seres 3, can be admired in dealer showrooms from now on. Seres will be imported into Belgium by OneAutomotive, which has also been importing BAIC and DFSK for some time now. The distribution of the Seres brand will take place via the same dealer network as BAIC and DFSK, which currently consists of 10 distribution points.


Besides BAIC, DFSK is the second Chinese brand to make its Belgian debut. For the time being, the range consists of two models. The Glory is a sturdy looking SUV with seven seats. The Fengon of this test in turn is an elegant crossover.

One Automotive: New Belgian importer of Chinese cars

With One Automotive, Belgium is a car importer richer. The new company is run by sister and brother Elvira and Ignace Laenen from Geel. They bring two Chinese brands to our region: BAIC and DFSK.

Essay: BAIC X55, Chinese exclusivity

Those who think that the time of the new automobile brands is evolving will have to reconsider their opinion. This X55 is a product of the Chinese brand still little known BAIC and has been seen in showrooms for a long time.

Chinese cars come to the Belgian market via Geel

The Kempen will be the first region in Belgium from where Chinese cars appear on our road network. This has everything to do with the new course set by OneAutomotive from Geel. From now on, the car company will focus on the import of cars made in China, especially the BAIC and DFSK brands.

Three Chinese car brands roll up the Belgian market

From now on, a Kempen garage will import SUVs from the Chinese carmakers BAIC and DFSK. A West Flemish company sells electric cars from its Chinese competitor JAC Motors. Are Chinese cars in Belgium ahead of the breakthrough?

Is your next car going to be Chinese? Kempish importer launches new brands in Belgium

Will your new car be a BAIC or DFSK? Unknown brands, but not for long hopes car importer Ignace Laenen from Geel. "By the end of October, ten dealers across the country will be selling these Chinese makes. The Chinese nowadays deliver good quality at a competitive price", he says on Radio 2 Antwerp.

Here comes the Chinese: car brands BAIC and DFSK begin Belgian adventure

After MG last year, two new Chinese brands are coming to our region. BAIC and DFSK may sound unfamiliar, but in their homeland they produce more than ... two million cars a year!

Geels family business becomes importer of Chinese cars for Belgium

For a few months now, the family business One Automotive in Belgium has been the exclusive importer for Belgium of the vehicles of the Chinese manufacturers BAIC and DFSK. In order to realise the ambitious plans of the Chinese carmakers, they rely on Ignace and Elvira Laenen. When KIA stopped the cooperation last year, brother and sister switched to the two Chinese brands with their new company.

Here come the Chinese: BAIC and DFSK start Belgian adventure

After MG last year, two new Chinese brands are coming to our region. BAIC and DFSK may sound unfamiliar, but in their homeland they produce more than ... two million cars a year!

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