Mobility is our challenge.

OneAutomotive is an importer of BAIC, Bestune, DFSK and Seres These cars are what you need in a firmly evolving world. Staying ahead of the future therefore remains our challenge. Preparing the future for you.

Our mission is to offer everyone an affordable, comfortable and rapid mobility.
Tomorrow’s mobility ensures that you are carefree on the road. OneAutomotive is your partner with personal attention and service. Expanding our offer in function of this is therefore an objective.

In recent years, the car market has changed at a rapid pace. Takeovers and merges among automobile brands and dealers, often due to a “trees grow to the sky” mentality, of automobile brands.

OneAutomotive offers you an opportunity, an alternative.

  • New products in Belgium
  • Not just one brand, but 3 different constructors
  • Represented by a new importer with adequate knowledge of the Belgian market through years of being a concessionaire himself
  • No unnecessary investment in your own sales space
  • New models guaranteed by 2022-2023
  • 5-year warranty (without mileage limitation)


The world is changing! Automotive goes hand in hand with Mobility. The concept of mobility is evolving year by year. Our way from A to B is never the same but always growing with the future.

Owning a vehicle is becoming less important than using it. Society is more aware of sustainability and how to deal with it. The cloud runs with us every day. We live online.

The mobility of the future is about relevant, personalized mobility services that get users from A to B without thinking, without stress. OneAutomotive is quick to respond to society’s needs.

Disruptive and connected are therefore key concepts.