DFSK, always ready for tomorrow.

Think, live and experience.
Go on and enjoy every step. Where you going? That's your choice, but one thing's for sure, DFSK will take you. We've already made the right choices.

Together we're ready for tomorrow. DFSK was founded in June 2003 as a joint venture between the Sokon Group and Dongfeng Motor.

Working together, there's a future in that!

Since the 1st car rolled off the line in 2005, the company has expanded its activities to more than 70 countries. Cumulative sales of DFSK vehicles have now reached more than 4 million units.
DFSK's main products include conventional SUVs and MPVs. This range has been strengthened in recent years by all-electric vehicles, as well as energy-saving and environmentally friendly engines.

Where are we going together?

The components come from an important collaboration between DFSK and various international suppliers to ensure product quality and to achieve the first-class standard.

DFSK's core value is to make world-class products.
The world lies at your feet, on our wheels, driven by our cooperation.

Come along, discover and enjoy.
Because together, we're ready for tomorrow.

A new generation of intelligent SUV-Coupé

Fengon 5

An SUV of a new class. Ready for the future.

The wider panther nose with the DFSK logo, which makes the Fengon 5 instantly recognisable, results in an impressive and determined appearance.

Fengon 500

With its length of 4.38m, the Fengon 500 is the smallest SUV from DFSK.

Modern, exceptional design, good quality and advanced technology are an inspiration to customers. Available in a 1.5 petrol engine and with a manual or CVT gearbox.

Glory 580

Always full option. Affordable. 7 seats.

Seres 3

The Seres 3, available from January, is the first fully electric DFSK. With its length of 4.39m, it is a real competitor for the Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona, Kia Soul and Kia Niro. The Seres 3 is equipped with an output of 120 KW and a 54 KWh battery. As a result, it generates a driving range of > 400 km.

Fengon 7

The new IX7 will be the flagship of DFSK. This premium 7-seater SUV with a mini price will be available with a 1.5T engine 150 HP or 180 HP AWD.


With a large cargo space of 5 cubic metres and an autonomy of 220 km, the EC35 offers you a great alternative as an electric commercial vehicle.

Seres SF5

Seres is a luxury sub-brand of DFSK. Full electric or with range extender. Production in China and US. Since 2016 the Seres R&D team in Silicon valley has been working on this car. More than 1000 different patents have already been applied for concerning electric & autonomous driving. Well-known Seres employees include Martin Eberhard, co-founder of Tesla and T. Fritz of Fisker Automotive.

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